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Safari Lodges 

Some of the Safari Lodges to Our Destinations 
Our fine selection of accommodations for every traveller has made us stand out in the competitive market and here at Tailor safaris there is always a delightful surprise waiting, from private honeymooners to any sized groups in our hotels, lodges and camps for all guests. 
Private dinners for two, his and hers massage and romantic sundowners are just some of the individual touches delivered by warm staff who are genuinely thrilled to be part of your special occasion. 
Secluded locations and a limitless choice of romantic setting-stilted tree-houses, exclusive sole-use villas mud and thatch cottages, spacious safari tents or luxurious suites with plunge pools and butler service which create an aura of magic and memories that last a lifetime and these are some of our hotels and lodges that we use in the different places, we may change them in seasons depending on the quality each year in order to keep our product services great. Our accommodations grade from the High end luxury, mid- range to Low basic facilities in all countries. 

Bwindi National Park Safari Lodges. 

Apoka Rest Camp (UWA) 
Kakine Self-catering Campsite (UWA) 
Nga Moru Wilderness Camp 

Queen Elizabeth National Park Safari Lodges. 

Masha Hotel 
Noah’s Ark Hotel 
Sipi River Lodge 
The Crow’s Nest Camp 
Sipi Falls Resort 
Sasa River Camp 
Mbale Resort Hotel 
Mt. Elgon Hotel 
Kayegi Hotel 
Green Gardens 

Kibale Forest Natinal Park Safari Lodges. 

Ruboni Community Camp 
Ruboni Turaco View Camp 
Equator Snow 
Rwenzori Mountains Safari Lodge 
Trekkers Hostel 

Muchsion Falls National Park Safari Lodges. 

Kirimia Guesthouse 
National Park Bandas and Campsite 
Sempaya Rest Camp 
Semliki Safari Lodge 
Mountains of the Moon Hotel 
Kyaninga Lodge 
Ruwenzori View Guesthouse 

Muchsion Falls National Park Safari Lodges. 

Rwonyo Rest Camp 
Tents and bandas 
Mihingo Lodge 
Lake Mburo Safari Lodge 
Mantana Tented Camp