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Travel Tips. 


The climate in Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania and Kenya is as near to perfect as you may find the nights are cool, but rarely cold. A fleece or light jumper is all that is necessary. The days hover around 24-28 degrees C. The sun is hot on the equator and a wide brimmed hat provides the best protection against sunburn and heat stroke. Sun cream is also essential. 
Rainy season comes twice a year - April /May and again in October /November /December. But the sun still shines during the rainy season, and the rain still falls during the dry. The wettest month is probably November, and the hottest month is February. 

Medical Precautions 

Yellow Fever immunisation is Mandatory for entry into the country. 
We also strongly recommend that all visitors take malaria prophylactics and carry repellent with them. Mosquitoes are rarely bad, but malaria is simply not worth it. 
Prescription drugs should be carried with you, but over the counter drugs are easy to find in Uganda and very inexpensive. If you have any allergies, please ensure you are equipped to deal with any reactions you may have. Ideally, you should let us know before you arrive if you suffer from any dangerous allergies. You may need to check with your local Doctors before you travel for any updates


Ugandan Shilling, Kenyan shilling, Tanzanian shilling and Rwanda use the local money called (Mafaranga) but often things are quoted in dollars as well as Eas t African states and if you are making any Cash payment we encourage all the Notes that are 2000 and above ( year of print ) because some palaces will not accept notes that are older than 2000. 
There banks and ATM machines in towns which you can access to withdraw money with credit or bedbit cards but in upcountry, it is advisable to carry shillings in smaller denominations. There are numerous forex bureaux in the main towns. 


English is the national language of Uganda. Kenya and Tanzania while Rwanda is Swahili. 


Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania uses the British type of power so when traveling to Uganda know the type of charging systems that you have to carry for your Laptops, phones and also camera. 
Rwanda uses the EU charging system so when you are traveling to Rwanda know the charging systems that you need to carry for your Laptops, phones and also camera.