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Responsible tourism 

As we look ahead to our incoming clients and involving them in a real authentic African experience that supports the environment and the local people is part of our vision. Tailor safaris Alumni team supports the local community projects like tree planting, street and hospital cleaning, job creativity, youth STD s awareness programs and also cultural sustainability. 
From the local natives we buy some of our provisions and encourage our clients to buy any handmade crafts as a way of supporting local economies and sustainable tourism. 
In some places we also use local operators for optional activities like village walks because we are so sensitive to local cultures as our visitors come from different parts of the world we love them to meet and feel the true African natives. 
We include optional free visits to our Orphanages where visitors are able to experience traditional art performances for the real Spirit, Warmth and Joy of the African People. When you travel with Tailor Safaris, as well as following your dream, you are making dreams come true for the many African children who are being sponsored through our different awareness programs in Uganda. "Your journey to Africa begins with us".